Peer Review Notes –                           Peer review (PDF 370KB)

Measuring Barrel Lengths Notes –           Measuring Barrel Lengths (PDF 580KB)

Measuring Overall Lengths Notes –              Measuring Overall Lengths (PDF 504KB)

Mini Flare Notes –                               Mini Flare (PDF 394KB)

Forensic Ballistic Case Review –      Case Review (PDF 93KB)

Firing Pin Status Notes –                 Firing Pin Status (PDF 225KB)

Standard Airgun Testing Notes –  Standard Airgun Test (PDF 255KB)

Sidelock Ejector 12 Bore Notes – Sidelock Ejector (PDF 372KB)

Legal Status of Air Pistol Declared Specially Dangerous – Legal Status of Air Pistol (PDF 221KB)

A paper on flare pistol classification – Helston Forensics Flare Pistol (PDF 395KB)

Foote Automatic Carbine-1970 (FAC-70) & Foote Machine Gun-1969 (MG-69) – Foote Carbine Machine Gun (PDF 639KB)

Sterling’s Turn with the ArmaLite AR-18 & AR-180 –Sterling’s Turn with the ArmaLite AR-18 & AR180 (PDF 547KB)

Cutaway Firearms used in our Training Department – Helston Forensics Cutaway Firearms (PDF 675KB)

Improvised Firearms held in the Helston Forensics Laboratory – Helston forensics Improvised Firearms (1MB)

Mechanism for containing the pressure of discharge at the rear of the chamber –Mechanisms for Containing Pressure (PDF 203KB)

Destruction of Firearms – Helston Forensics Destruction of Firearms (PDF 340KB)